Friday, 6 April 2012

The Reunion and photos

Hi everyone.  The Reunion was just brilliant, the weather was hot and the rain stayed away.  It was amazing to meet some many new people all related by blood whether they be Bonds, Ridleys or Taylors.

WE all chatted and talked, looked at each others history, Of course I was the researcher and not blood related and trying to explain who was connected to who and how was .......well a huge challenge.  One gorjus lady was  a niece of my husbands great grandmother, she ran for cover, she didnt look much older than us, which shows how generations can go in different lines.  She was really funny and lovely, we where told alot about Pauls great gran, alot that we didnt know, it was nice to learn, yet sad too.

There were around 120 people atteneded from aged 86yrs to 12mths.  Claudia who had turned 18 a few days earlier, was given a birthday cake, and we all sang happy birthday to her.

There were a few families from Australia who also came over, it was lovely to meet Nathan and his fiancee, and Billhis dad.  It was great to meet Debbie and her adult children.  It was a joy to see all the children playing aroudn the gardens with some of the older children looking after them.

I still only have a few photos that I will put on here, it be a few more days yet as i am still hoping that someone of the family will email me more photos.

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