Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year & a long over due Update

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2012 is very good to you all.

Well havent I been a bit slack with my updates.  Sorry about that.  New info came in at a rapid pace again.  I have had a couple of phone calls from Kevin and emails from down South Island from the Neil line.  Noela has been to visit several times, giving me info from Kevin, oh Kevin sent an email to, so thanks :-)

Everything is comign together now.,  We have a deposit system for the books of $10 each or more preferable you can pay in full $25 each.  The deposit is for printing costs.  I am hoping to do one  print run for everyone so please get your orders in.  It would be lovely to be able to hand them out at the reunion.

If there is not many on order then the printing will be done after the Reunion and that also means there will be a  postal charge too on top of the $25.  Those of you in Australia I will make sure there are copies for yout o take home.  I can manage a short print run by doing this myself rather than at the printers.

So far we have Orders for 28 books........which to say the least is wonderful.  Thank you to those who have paid or are in the process of paying.  Thank you to those who have paid deposits, dont forget to bring the money on the day.

Look forward to meeting you all.

Oh yes news just in............had an order from Nathan Ridley in OZ.  He recently got engaged, though that story will be in the book.......well the anouncement anyway.......

Bye for now

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