Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Bond & Taylor Info

Just a short blog today.

I have given the close by  date as the last day in November, so unless it is a serious error in  a report, then that is it.  A final spell check will be done probably around the end of January, before printing.

Now the Bonds.  I so need to get back into the story of the Bond family, it has been interesting to research.  The factual story has been a a stand still for a while due to concentrating on the Ridley story, due to the fact I have been able to find more information.

Today I got another reply for the Bond line.......YAY.   Glenese sounds lovely, and she has corrected and updated me on her line.  I am now looking forward to seeing some more photos and maybe some memories.  Glenese is in a similar area as myself, so we may be able to meet up.  that will be grand.  Another cousin, it is never ending, which is fantastic.  :-)

Well Glenese, your line is now updated.  I will send a new copy out mid Novemeber for you to everyone to double check.  Look forward to meeting you soon.

I have sent a Ridley Report out, updated today and sent it too all on the Ridley line.

Thanks Helen for Muriels email, I have sent two emails, hoping the last one can be opened.  I have asked her to let me know, I may have to send her a printed copy.

I finally rang Alison tonight, another lady who sounds lovely.  I look forward to hearing from Alison in the near future.  First  I have tosend her a copy of the Taylor family PDF.  hopefully not to much is wrong.  Thanks Marie, for this connection.

Thats about it for now.

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